What permissions are needed to repair a program in Add/Remove Programs?


  • I am running a small project which aims to lock down permissions on a network based share to prevent unauthorised users from helping themselves to software.  The package share is open providing unlimited access to anyone who knows the name / location of the share. 

    One part of this is for me to understand how the Repair process works in Add/Remove Programs for software whose source does not exist on the local machine, but was installed from this remote location. The intention would be to restrict NTFS permissions so only SMS or SCCM have access to this share to enable them to continue working, but to remove access for Users. 

    Are you able to help me understand whether a User requires Read permission to the package source, or if it is the computer account or local system account which allows the repair process to work?

    Friday, June 08, 2012 3:17 PM