SharePoint Online 2013 - "All" results does not match the ones found by filtering by type RRS feed

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  • There’s something strange in the results of searching for documents in SharePoint Online 2013.

    We’ve got a library with some docs… i.e. a pair of “Lorem Ipsum”, one in Word format and the same copy in PDF… We wait some minutes to let the crawl process do its job.

    If we use the local search in this library (searching "ipsum"), two results are found, as expected. But if we use the global site search, only one result is found.

    On the left, two possible result type filters are available, where you can find the two results as expected, one in each type.

    So, if one result is found in Word file type, and another is found in PDF file type, why the “All” results shows only one result instead of two?

    Monday, March 11, 2013 9:44 AM