Office Mac 2011 - Office for mac cannot connect to the rights management services server...


  • Hello,

    We are receiving this message when a Office Mac 2011 user is trying to open an RMS protected document.
    other mac users are connecting to the AD RMS cluster with no issues.


    Office for Mac cannot connect to the Rights Management Services server because you appear to be working offline or are having network issues.
    Make sure that you are connected to the network, and then try again.

    Question: what settings are used when RMS on the Mac tries to connect to the internet?
    I know on windows that internet explorer is used to create the connection.

    About the mac
    - running office mac 2011
    - connected using a 3G card (at present)
    - no firewall is installed on the mac
    - if i send a RMS protected email to the Mac it can open it within Outlook Mac 2011 without any issues.

    about the network:
    - We are currently running an single server AD RMS cluster.
    - All other windows computers and mac users can connect to the AD RMS externally with no issues
    - the mac was connecting to RMS without issues previously
    - internet is accessiable in Safari and firefox

    pulling my hair out !

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011 11:37 AM


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