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  • Hi,


    While transferring a folder of files from PC #2 on to the desktop of PC #1, many files in folder of an external hardrive connected to PC 1 have dissappeared. Since the files folder transferred was from PC 2 to PC 1, firstly by pasting on to the desktop (on which there was just a folder SHORTCUT to the folder on an external drive which had the same file name as the folder being pasted.) - I believed this kind of transfer would not overwrite files located on an external drive.


    Then I received the error message that there was not enough space on my PC and I selected to cancel. So I selected the same folder of files from PC2 and tried pasting again WITHIN the folder of the same file name, and not OVER the folder of the same file name on the external harddrive connected to PC 1.


    When I opened the folder of files on the harddrive, most of the files were gone. All the files from PC2 were transferred but since the Folder of the same file name was copied into the folder of the same file name and not over it I don't understand how it has overwrittin this folder.


    As far as I know, lost files would not be retrieved by a system restore, as system restore does not retrieve lost data files, it restores the system to the last working state.

    Any advice how this could have occurred would be appreciated.

    OS and Hardware details are as follows:

    OS on both PC's is Windows XP PRO SP3

    Computer 1 is Dell Demension 4600.

    Computer 2. is Toshiba netbook

    External Hardrive is Maxtor & La Lacie exteranal Harddrive (No Software applications were used in either).



    Tuesday, October 12, 2010 10:25 PM

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  • Hi,

    I don't think it is the USB cable as all of the files were transferred over. As mentioned it was files on the external hard drive connected to PC1 that disappeared not the files being transferred.

    My question is how could did this have happened, other than being a virus which I am not ruling out.

    Can files being transferred to a desktop replace files on an external drive if there is a shortcut of the same file name?




    Wednesday, October 13, 2010 12:38 PM