In need of Forensic Specialist to perform complete analyisis on laptop - been hacked - RRS feed

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  • Hey folks -

    1. This is Paintbrush a 56 year old who is relatively new to computers & currently at full all out war with hackers & going through a lonely hell for several months now - using defective weaponry - This devious and insidious infection must be extinguished before others suffer the way I have - I'll provide a thumb-nail sketch of what's up & what I think I need to resolve this crisis - any input will be welcome -
    1. Apparently I have been hacked for several months now and been taken for some cash -
    2. Many unauthorized credit card applications attempted
    3. HP Smart Friends - In 8 problem solving sessions in the past few weeks - failed
    4. Hackers and viruses still present
    5. Discovered my computer, purchased new 9/2012 on line Wallmart was manufactured in 2005 and was previously owned or at least used several times before it was sold to me as new -
    6. I believe Vista or XP or both were previously installed OS with Windows 7 layed over without thorough clean out-
    7. Event logs - even on windows 7 installed 2009, show significant activity prior to purchase or the installation of windows 7  - with thousands of event errors logged - many critical dating back to 2005
    8. several attempts to completely restore computer to pristine factory condition have - failed - viruses remain in creases & hide in innocuous files such as sample pictures and you-cam which I never downloaded - can't uninstall the files as they multiply - many games remain installed - last I played was probably Mario brothers - Parameters can't be reset - etc. etc.
    9. Many unauthorized users present with full permissions - can't delete them
    10. Before I introduce new equipment into a contaminated environment & have MS clean out the OS and have HP deal with the hardware, I'd like to have a full accounting of exactly what has transpired with this laptop since its manufacture date - including - all prior OS - all software - prior users - current unauthorized users - and their activities -
    11. Experience tells me - that it is important to enter any negociations from a stand-point of accurate knowledge & I need this as evidence should any problems arise with new equipment in the future which leads back to the root of present difficulties. This list could continue on and on and I need immediate assistance in securing the safety of my current life as well as my future. In the meantime - I am frozen and frightened without functioning tools to proceed and not knowing who to trust.   

           To the right professional, I am more than willing to grant remote access & pay a modest fee. I need for everything to first be backed up in case of error - and then perform a handful of task specific reports.

    I am in desperate need of help right now so any assistance would be greatly appreciated -  

            Sincerely, Paintbrush

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 9:37 AM