Windows easy transfer failing after winXP to win7 home premium upgrade of computer on windows server2008R2 Domain?


  • My Customer has aprox. 23 computers on the Windows Server2008R2 business network/Domain. Around 10 of them are windows 7 pro and 13 of them are windows XP. I recently purchased 8 copies of windows 7 home premium w/free upgrades to windows10 to use for upgrading the windows XP computers, Today I up-graded one of the business computers from win XP to windows 7 home premium. Now when I try to Re-Install the user accounts by using the windows easy transfer Files that I created before the upgrade, It keeps Failing and then it tells me that the computer is not connected to the domain?? I am able to connect to the work group but it does not let me connect to the business domain?? is there going to be a compatibility problem between win7 pro and win7 home premium on the server2008R2 business network/domain?   I am a computer repair and recovery expert who was recently called in to an IT tech/Server administrator position. I am fairly new to Group Policy and Server Administration. I could really use some help with this easy transfer/domain connection problem. Should I use the (USMT)5.0 for the other 12 upgrades? Thank You in Advance sincerely : pcpat2112

    Wednesday, August 26, 2015 2:20 AM


  • Thank You for the fast response and reply to my Question. I guess that I will have to return the unopened copies of win7 home and replace them with win7 pro, It's what I get for trying to save the customer a few bucks?

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