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  • Hello all.  I'm a very basic level user of Project, currently running 2007.  I've used Project in the past for basic program schedule planning and monitoring, however, I'm putting together a pretty detailed schedule on a program I'm working where I want to use Project to manage resources as well. 

    I've developed the tasks on the program, and assigned resources (personnel) that are required for each task, but have yet to assign dates and duration's to each task. The program plan is broken into the sub groups Design, Integration, and Program management, where the design subgroups are about a designing a system, the Integration subgroup is about building and integrating the system, and the program management subgroup has required various meetings, tests, and, reports, etc.

    My question:  For the Design and Integration subgroups, they are basically linear tasks that are linked together (mostly start to finish) showing the process from design to integration.  Resource Allocation for these tasks are pretty easy, as resources aren't double booked given the linear nature of the tasks.

    The Program Management portion, however, has various tasks (meetings, travel, reports, etc.) that fall concurrent with certain design and integration tasks, and require the same resources.  How can I account for the double booking of resources for those tasks, when they won't truly be double booked.  For instance, Design widget X is planned for a 2 month period, with 3 different resources involved in that design.  I have various travel periods, meetings and reports during that design portion, where the resources will be required, taking them out of the 'design' task to meet the meetings. 

    The whole reason for asking is for cost estimating.  I don't want to have a resource double dip in the cost estimate, when the resource isn't doing 200% work.

    Thanks for the Newbie help!

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016 10:51 PM

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  • Follow on Question, relating to travel resources for these meetings.

    Task group: Meeting 1.

    Sub tasks: Travel out (1day); Meeting (2days); Travel back (1day).

    Resources for each subtask: Person1, Person 2, Person 3, Flights (Material), Per Diem, Rental Car, Hotel.

    When I assign the personnel resources, the costs are computed based on 8 hours each day.  Since I need flights for each person, a material cost was assigned for that resource, and the resource count was assigned at 3.  Flight cost was computed correctly.  For the Per Diem, and Hotel, I need those to count each day on travel, for each person on travel.    Rates were assigned as $/day for each.  On the task, I assigned 300% to both of those resources to account for the 3 people on travel.  However, it does not compute the costs per each day, only the total of 300% for each.  How do I resource these costs for each day?

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016 11:39 PM