Enterprise SharePoint 2013 Search crawls but doesn't yeild results to search queries


  • So, I have in front of me an on-prem Enterprise SharePoint 2013 farm who's Search Service successfully crawls all of our SharePoint web applications.  On our library web application the Root Site Collection is a Publishing site template. The rest of the site collections on this web application are Record Center site template.  As I mentioned all being crawled successfully (verified through crawl log in Search Service admin screen and logs).  Our problem is that the Record Center site collections do not yield results when searching anywhere (views, site, site collection, separate centralized web app for search center).  In fact when watching the logs as queries are submitted, nothing errors, it give successful search response but is empty result set.

    They live on the same farm have all the same permissions and authentication configuration.  The root site collection yields results but the rest of the site collections do not.  Can anyone offer any insight? I've been searching for potential solutions for days now to no avail. 

    Thanks in advance.  Anything helps.

    Friday, July 19, 2013 10:49 PM

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  • The record center site contains record library and drop off library, by default, the content in drop off library will not appear in search result.

    Monday, July 22, 2013 3:26 AM