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  • New HP bought 5/5/2007..Installing ITUNES was a disaster. I thought I read that there were only minor issues that were not dangerous!! HP: no evidence of DVD/CD ROM and unable to back up files. Of course, I called HP. Sunday= 3.5 hours on phone to HP tech in India. They had me delete HP from registry.duh! I followed same instructions while they (against my better judgement) made me delete and restore and recover for 4 days. They had me add folders, etc. Monday=2.5 hrs, Tuesday =4 hours (2 calls) Wednesday 3 hours(3 calls), doing the same thing over and over. After a total of FIVE restorations, 2 recoveries, etc..HP in India refused to let me speak with anyone who had computer knowledge. At 3pm today, they told me to call MICROSOFT. Microsoft told me to pay them $59.00 because my computer had "OEM" in name or call HP back. I went to store and had a breakdown-HP rep from Hattiesburg, MS Sam's Club never could be reached nor did he return my calls.  My 4 day old COMPUTER WAS SO SCREWED UP!!!  AND SO..at 4:20pm I called HP tech again but for the first time, ROBERT in OREGON, USA answered. After crying and carrying on with the little voice I had left, he said, "We may have to start back at factory setting but may I ask you, DID YOU  INSTALL ITUNES? " Well, of course I did. Whalah!! I removed ITUNES which conflicted with the computer recognizing that it had a DVD/CD device. Apple is nothing but trouble! IPOD and ITUNES are not worth the trouble! And as far as HEWLITT PACKARD goes...I pay $1200.00 for another HP pavilion desktop and they couldn't care less if I ever get the promised SUPPORT. The people in India know less than I about computers and that is very sad. I wrote to Mr. Hurd of HP. THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS. This is our 4th HP and we never learned our lesson since their CUSTOMER SERVICE has always been terrible. I am so angry and tired and voiceless...I don't even want this stupid computer. My new computer has had a few years of work already performed on it. My 5 yo HP notebook has never had a functioning CD/DVD DRIVE. My HP ME still works fine for some ungodly reason. And my daughter left her HP in her last apartment and bought a Gateway. All of this makes me wonder...Do we as consumers just put up with this and say, "Oh Well". I am tired of being treated like an idiot but as one person said, "Only an idiot would have listened to and performed the exact same procedures (4 days in a row ) for the idiots in India.
    Thursday, May 10, 2007 6:32 AM

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  • Did you have other cd/dvd burning application software installed on the system besides iTunes?


    e.g. Memories Disc? If so, did you try uninstalling it, rebooting and see if the ODDs  function normally with iTunes installed?



    Saturday, July 7, 2007 6:36 PM