GPO/local policy hell-EnableLinkedConnections RRS feed

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    We initially had the problem that when you, for instance, ran NotePad as "Administrator", the mapped drives for our domain were not visible under my computer..

    I found the solution in the registry entry of EnableLinkedConnections, setting the value to 1..

    So at one point i made a custom admx file for this setting, which shows up in GPO or local policy under Computer Config.. Admin. Tools.. "EnableLinkedConnections" folder with settings of enable/disable/not configured on the right..

    I think i must have gotten something wrong here.. but my new test Virtual PC machine is working fine with elevation.. i checked and the registry setting was in place...

    I had created a 2003 GPO that would use the admx file (I updated the admx files on the network so they were there etc too).. i called it Vista Specific.. it had this setting..

    So this is all well and good on the test machine.. the setting takes effect.. but on every other vista machine (4 of them) the setting gets "erased" when i do a gpupdate /force on the local machine if i manually put it in..

    I think the problem is related to "local policy" overriding it, even though local policy also seems to have the setting enabled..  I tried removing the setting (not configured) in local policy and refreshing things, now the test machine is not keeping the setting.. its getting wiped, despite the "vista specific" server based gpo..

    Any thoughts on how to fix this...

    I'm confused on this local policy effect.. I guess modifying the local policy affects all vista machines, even though this isnt through the group policy manager on the server?

    Is it best practice to NOT modify the local policy even if a domain admin and use the admx files on a 2003 server GPO setting instead (like i'm also doing)?

    I think i have some sort of conflict here but i'm not sure where or what to fix..


    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 4:17 PM