RAMMap - AGMService.exe shows up hundreds of times in Processes tab - zero memory usage. Cause? Way to remove? RRS feed

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  • I posted the below back on July 2nd, expecting that I would get a notification if I got responses to my question. I received no notifications, but after going back to check my question today, I saw that it had been archived but a couple people had responded. I'm reposting again now, and will check more often this time, in the hopes of finding a resolution. Also, some new info, when I close the Adobe process in the Task Manager that is said to be related to AGMService.exe, Adobe Genuine Software Integrity, it takes a while, but my RAM does eventually go back down to normal levels.

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    I'm one of many who have encountered very high (~75% in Task Manager) idle memory usage, even on startup, in Windows 10.

    Task Manager only shows one entry of "Adobe Genuine Software Service" which the link below says this file is related to.

    I have 16gb of RAM.

    I made some headway in reducing memory usage by disabling things in startup so I think I've got a fix on that.

    However, I downloaded RAMMap for the first time today while trying to figure out the memory issue, and discovered on the Processes tab, that there were a ridiculous amount of AGMService.exe entries, although they had zero values for memory usage.

    Per online searching at fileDOTnet, this exe is a genuine Adobe-related file, but the alarming amount of times that is listed bothers me.

    As stated, my overall memory usage issues seem to have abated after my startup process disabling, but can anyone speak to this abundance of AGMService.exe showing in RAMMap, whether it's an issue, and if so, how to resolve it?

    Please note: I attempted to post several pics of my specs and screenshots but this site said I couldn't until my account was verified. Posting barebones info now and I'll update as needed/soon as able.

    Thanks for any help.

    Friday, August 21, 2020 4:29 AM