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  • Dear community,

    About sysinternals Live:

     .1.)Tutorials on the website advice you to use command prompt and type in<toolname>  



     .2.)Have tried it, but answer from command prompt was> The syntax of the command is INCORRECT.(Did check the spelling twice.)

    .3.)How can it be that Windows Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs  on  clearly state in Sysinternals Live(!?)  "...…….. Windows Explorer or a command prompt as<toolname>   OR  \\\tools\<toolname>.

    Definition syntax is;

    A)The arrangement of words and phrases to create wellformed sentences in a language.

    B)The structure of statements in a computer language.

    Something strange!

    4)While I type my text Microsoft underlined my txt with RED?  Strange...isn't it? I do use the Exact words used by Microsoft or Windows!(spelling!).

    5)The words are>sysinternals-Sysinternals RED! (use Microsoft & Windows spelling!). toolname><toolname>  RED!??  the other in  \\live,\tool\<toolname>.  (toolname) NOT RED!??!  WHY IS THAT? 

    6)What do I have to use? What do I have to do? Where to go for the proper info?( I fount TOOO many FLAWS & CONTRADICTIONS and in Microsoft tutorials & Windows tutorials! PLUS OTHERS!).

    .7.)TOOO much BRAIN GYMNASTIC!!!>here is WHY!

    Example given!> go to https://...,:{...} click on *&^%""!!?>enter> Than Type (())Qw.""!<<>>!Restart QrtUP in settings & go to Alfa in crescendo and hold your breath for 10minutes> Persist until you turn PURPLE! ones done> double click(use right side of the mouse) on I gonna die in a minute>click on it>click persist 11 times till you lose the North.>Click enter & go to Alfa numeric language and click on ChinoArabic in Bmol to get you the most confusing update in your life.Now click on Httprst:/// persevere in the anger,& go to " I am a good boy" triple click & your update will start in halve a second! If the update doesn't start repeat the process and type >\\ F...@"" &*{{}}{&#}.COM.Don't forget to say you're a good boy & click to finish set-up, if not... you have to repeat your question, capito? As-tu compris? Heeft u het begrepen? Why Sooo much confusion in Microsoft & Windows?

    Why is .1., .2.& .3. Wrong? and why is .7. NOT TRUE?

    Thank you all.

    Wednesday, July 8, 2020 1:51 PM