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  • I am running SteadyState 2.5 on (25) older Dell GX200 computers in a lab in a domain environment (not using SS gpo templates).  The very last thing I did after configuring the machines was to install SS and turn on WDP (I am not using any other SS features).

    Everything boots fine and works as expected initially  (ie a clean boot will not help).  By the end of the day most computers are not useable because SCTsvc is consuming the cpu.  THE LOOP DOES NOT HAPPEN RIGHT AWAY!  Sometime it takes an hour or more to enter the loop.

    I have uninstalled the Symantec anti-virus program, disabled all non-essential services, verified that the cache file is 6gb+.

    The computers are running XP with sp3 and all updates applied.  There are no bad entries in the event log.

    The lab is primarily used for internet research and MS Office 2003.

    Any help in identifying the problem that cause SCTsvc to loop would be appreciated!



    I have discovered that most of my computers running SteadyState are entering into this CPU loop.  This is true for my brand new Dell Optiplex 755s, Optiplex 280s and the old Optiplex 200s.

    It is also clear from web quests that I am not the only one seeing this problem.  How do I get useful information to the development team to fix this?

    I am un-installing SteadyState from my machines until this is fixed.  A BIG disappointment, it seemed like such great product but it is worthless if there is no CPU power available for my users.

    If you need a dump to track down the problem in SCTsvc, please let me know exactly what you need.
    Tuesday, April 14, 2009 4:31 PM

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  • Hi WoodyC, thanks for the post. Have you tried Clean Boot to disable third party startup items after disabling those services?
    Sean Zhu - MSFT
    Friday, April 17, 2009 3:23 AM
  • Sean,

    Thanks for replying, I really hope we can solve this.  SteadyState is excellent and I would love to use it across my school district.

    The problem is that SCTsvc does not loop immediately, it can take an hour or two before the loop occurs. I have not been able to reliably create the loop, all I can do is start the machine and wait for it to happen.

    I have done a clean boot but the SCTsvc still goes into a loop  (there are only 5 or 6 items in the startup anyway).

    Currently I have ALL SteadyState options turned off, no wdp, account restrictions, nothing and the loop still happens.

    I would be happy to take a dump or whatever you need to help diagnose the problem, please let me know ...


    Question:  Is there a way to only use the WDP component and disable SCTsvc?  This would be a good work-around.


    Thanks for your help!
    Friday, April 17, 2009 6:47 PM