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  • Hi guys i was wondering if someone could help me in my small situation.

    Got new laptop today from Dell with Windows 7 (love it!) and as i was installing some older software that i still love including a game called 'Spore', Spore .exe mentioned to me that i didn't have the right .dll file for directx.  So i installed the same directx file that i used for the older laptop running XP and just assumed it was the most recent version.  I don't even know what directx is and it didn't occure to me that Windows 7 would use a more advanced version or even come preinsalled on Windows 7.  So my problem is i need to rollback or reinsall Directx for Windows 7. 


    -Do i need to download & reinstall Directx for Windows 7 or Roll it back to factory?

    -How do i do it? (step by step explanation plz).

    -In the case of the game software 'Spore', what do u suggest i do inorder to make it playable using original Windows 7 Directx?


    Thank you very much for your help! 


    Directx Noobie :P

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010 6:58 PM


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