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  • It appears that the Free Space (Database) and Free Space (Log Drive) values are pretty much a close match when drilling down to Microsoft Exchange Server->Exchange 2010->Mailbox->Database Service State on the Monitoring pane in my 2007 R2 environment running v 14.0.650.8 of the Exchange Server 2010 MP. Considering that the DB Log files do indeed have their own drives, I'm confused as to why there would be a close match. Any ideas?

    Monday, March 28, 2011 11:56 AM

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  • Hello,

    Did you check the real free space for the specific databases? Is it different with the number shown on the table? We can not make sure if this is a question without the information about the enviroment.


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    Wednesday, April 6, 2011 9:39 AM
  • There's a definite difference in logical disk space usage between the log drive and the database drive. What WMI counters does the MP use to display Free Space (Database) and Free Space (Log Drive) under Microsoft Exchange Server->Exchange 2010->Mailbox->Database Service State on the Monitoring pane? It looks like reading values from LogicalDisk->FreeSpace returns zero for the D: drive and all of the logical mount points where the database and log mount points live. Win32_Volume seems to give a different story.

    Here's what Powershell returns using Win32_Volume

    PS C:\Users\CONCEALED-sa> get-wmiobject Win32_Volume | ft -property Label,Capacity,Freespace

    Label                                                Capacity                                     Freespace
    ------                                                ----------                                     ---------

                                                            128721948672                            123705839616
    D:\MBX_Mount_Points\MDB01\              870724460544                            863892250624
    D:\MBX_Mount_Points\MDB02\              870724460544                            851639898112
    D:\MBX_Mount_Points\MDB03\              870724460544                            858195156992
    D:\mbx_Mount_Points\MDB04\              870724460544                            858350190592
    D:\MBX_Mount_Points\MDB09\              870724460544                            856305168384
    D:\MBX_Mount_Points\MDB12\              870724460544                            863715635200
    D:\MBX_Mount_Points\MDB13\              870724460544                            864420503552
    D:\MBX_Mount_Points\MDB16\              870724460544                            864653373440
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG01\                183485865984                            183302615040
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG02\                183485865984                            183141875712
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG03\                183485865984                            183303065600
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG04\                183485865984                            183266447360
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG09\                183485865984                            183224311808
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG12\                183485865984                            183242334208
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG13\                183485865984                            183327412224
    D:\log_Mount_Points\LOG16\                183485865984                            183257120768
                                                               73261903872                             16697507840

    ...and here's what Opsmgr 'sees' for the same server - 

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011 11:16 AM
  • Bringing this back from the dead, I have noticed that the Troubleshoot-DatabaseSpace.ps1 script retrieves the database free space correctly, but the log free space in all instances point to the mount point's root drive, which in our case is 1GB

    So, I use the get-wmiobject Win32_Volume | ft -property Label,Capacity,Freespace in my script to retrieve the real log free space :)


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