A Brief History of AI

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    May, 2006: AssetMetrix acquired

    • Offered comprehensive asset inventory and reporting services.
    • Comprehensive IP around Asset Intelligence (e.g. Taxonomy, Classification)
    • Significant Knowledge Base that had 70,000,000 software instances and over 350,000 software titles.


    April , 2007: AI 1.0 ships with SMS 2003 SP3

    • Extends SMS inventory agent to collect additional artifact data.
    • New SMS reports that simplify asset & license reporting.
    • Semi-annual targeted updates planned with first already released.

    November, 2007: AI 1.1 Ships with Configuration Manager 2007

    • Improved performance and reporting accuracy.
    • New reports on CAL utilization (user & device) for Windows Server (2000+) and Exchange (2003+).
    • Enhanced asset mgmt capabilities including hardware change reports and application usage reporting.


    May, 2008: AI 1.5 will ship with Configuration Manager 2007 SP1

    • New UI to enable product catalog customizations as well as software license entry.
    • On-demand or scheduled asset catalog updates for SA customers.
    • Ability to import license information (both MS and 3rd party) that shows licenses utilized vs. licenses purchased.
    • New catalog with enhanced schema
    Thursday, May 01, 2008 7:48 PM

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