Setting KPI target Thresholds in Performance Point RRS feed

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  •   I have a business case that seems like it should be simple but is giving me issues. We have a simple ScoreCard in Performance Point that connects to a SQL DB and pulls  average metrics for comparison against 2-light Red/Green stoplights on a scorecard. I was asked to make the Target value dynamic. That was easy enough I just changed the data source to pull in the data needed and averaged it. So we get the Target and Actual values brought in dynamically. Now the issue... the indicator light. I can't find a simple way to have the Threshold match the Dynamic Target value. This creates the undesirable situation where the indicator may not mirror the represented Target value. 

    The easiest case would be to use the "band by Numeric Value of Actual" if I could make the Threshold = Target value. This doesn't seem possible outside of constant manual updating.  

    I've played with the other methods of Banding but have not been able to find anything that works. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to try for this scenario?

    The calculations I am bringing in are: Actual = average over the last 60 minutes data

    Target = average of the last 30 days(weekdays only) 

     These are brought in as DB connections to SQL Views. 

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    Paul Hudgins

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 4:05 AM



       I was able to solve my problem. Definitely not as intuitive as I would have thought. For my solution, I used band By Normalized Values(Decreasing Is Better). I used the 2 light Stoplight, and for the worst value I selected 1000. This was just generic  number that was higher than the performance will ever run and it was easy for me to see the resulting calculation. Then for the Thresholds I set Best to 0%, Threshold 1 to 0% and Worst to 100%. 

    This way i was able to get the comparison between the two numbers. In the resulting comparison if the  Actual  number is above the Target value the Comparison will come back as a negative % on the variance and the indicator will turn Red. Any metric = or < than the Target Value will return a a positive % variance and the indicator will turn green. So this works for me, however it would seem intuitive than one could set an actual value comparison between the target and actual value without having to have it turned into a normalized value first. 

    Thursday, May 5, 2016 3:36 AM