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  • I am running an industrial DAQ program (Data Acquisition Program) on a Windows 10 industrial PC. The PC does not get used for emails, internet browsing, it is just a stand-alone PC collecting data from field sensors via serial communications. The DAQ program runs perfectly until  Antimalware Service Executable (Windows Defender) kicks in and everything on the PC slows down to a virtual standstill. For example, on Friday night (approx. 10:30 pm) it was noticed that the DAQ program was in a virtually stopped state, the collection of serial data was random with gaps of approx. 10 mins between polling (instead of the usual seconds). On checking Windows Task Manager it showed that Antimalware Service Executable was using approx 250mb of RAM and 10% of CPU. After 12 hours the DAQ program was still in a virtually stopped state and NOT operating as required with Antimalware Service Executable still was using approx 250mb of RAM and 10% of CPU. I then went to the Windows Defender settings and switched OFF  Real-Time Protection and hey presto the DAQ program instantly starting working perfectly again. Unfortunately, Windows 10 after a period of time switches Real-Time Protection back ON and after a few days, the problem described above occurs again. Is there something wrong with the way Windows 10 Defender operates? This problem has been observed on 4 different Windows 10 PC's (with freshly installed operating systems). I can solve it by adding a Defender EXCLUSION of the whole C:\ drive but this isn't really a solution is it?
    Tuesday, February 26, 2019 10:53 PM