Cannot progress from win 10 lock screen to login screen


  • I had windows 10 operating normal for quite a time. My laptop has a finger scanner for logon that I normally use. When the finger has problems after three attempts, the system normally opened the login screen and I then logon with the password without problems.

    For the past three days however the lockscreen stays on a message that it is blocked after three unsuccessful finger scans. I have tried finger scanning, pressing any combination of keys but cannot progress to the login screen. The lockscreen merely flashes and returns.

    I have manged to get into the Advanced options and tried starting in safe mode, but there is only a screen with a cursor arrow. The screen is not frozen and I can move the arrow, but cannot click it to reach the login screen. It seems as if the loginscreen somehow is corrupted.

    Have done all the options including SFC scan now. without success. I can access the registry and tried to do the NoLockScreen, but remember I am not logged on yet. As soon as I close the registry and reboot, the changes done are lost.

    I do have a second partition where I have another windows 10 installed and her I do not use the fingerscan. this seems to work OK, but I need to gain access to some software programs in the original partition.

    Is there any way we can try and recover this apparent faulty missing or faulty login screen. I have a Win10 boot system on USB, but this seems to give the same problem.

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017 2:11 PM

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  • seems as if the loginscreen somehow is corrupted.

    See if Narrator can show you anything that you are missing.  Win-Enter starts Narrator even at the Lock Screen and then Alt-Tab shows two tasks running.  Caps Lock + Shift + Enter should show you what you can do on that screen.
    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle

    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 1:39 AM
  • Excellent Feedback Robert. The Three new key entries you mention is great. I just managed to get into the narrator once after many attempts. When I press win-Enter it flashes very quickly and responds exit narrator. I believe it is also because of the corrupted loginscreen constanty attempting something in the background. I tried a slow press of the enter key and a fast press, but it seems as if the narrator starts and then immediately exits.. Unfortunately neither of the inputs could give any more light on the issue and I also believe the loginscreen is corrupted.

    Are you aware of any plugin that can be uploaded or a hidden file on any other win10 system that may be copied to resolve the corrupted login screen? 

    Kind regards

    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 9:47 AM
  • When I press win-Enter it flashes very quickly and responds exit narrator.

    That sounds like Narrator is already running.  Win-Enter is actually a toggle which starts Narrator if it is not running and stops it if it is.  Caps Lock Esc is another method of stopping Narrator, so if Narrator's key is locked, simply pressing Esc would be enough to get the "Exiting Narrator." announcement.  So, perhaps you should be pressing Alt-Tab first to make sure that there isn't a Narrator task already running?

    Otherwise it sounds like your original approach of turning off the Lock Screen lock via a registry change may be the right approach, just not being done with the right hive.

    Robert Aldwinckle

    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 9:47 PM