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  • I have deployed my entire backaend db on sharepoint and then I am trying to link the table to front end which is on local machine. but when i try to link it is giving me an error "Not a valid file name". Any idea how to fix it?



    Thursday, April 25, 2013 4:45 PM

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  • I'm afraid I don't have enough information to make a diagnosis of your problem. But here's what I can provide in the following paragraphs 1) ideas/tips 2) questions to ask 3) action items

    IDEAS: Try the following to see if it yields any positive results, leading to a solution.

    1) On the client try adding the URL to Trusted Sites in IE's security settings and ensure that the Trusted Sites zone has Protected Mode off (default for Trusted Sites zone).

    2) Toggle the LAN settings proxy config auto-detect in Connections tab, LAN settings in Internet Options. Test with the Automatically detect settings unchecked if it's checked or vice versa.

    3) If you're using something other than Internet Explorer (Chrome, Firefox) be sure to test with Internet Explorer.

    4) Repair MS Office if that's what you're using as a db front end on the client to access the remote data store.

    5) Test connection with ODBCAD32, using either ODBC or OLEDB driver.

    6) Network topology? Any way to bypass intermediate devices? Make an entry in the HOSTS file on client PC with issue with entry referencing the host (DNS) name of a WFE, not the load balancer (if applicable), so you bypass any intermediate devices that can cause issues.

    QUESTIONS: Further data to collect and reply with if you have the time to invest.

    Are you trying "Export to Excel" from the list view in the web browser from a SharePoint list? Is that the entry point what you're trying as a db "front end" on client? Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Server 200(3,8,8R2,12) as the client? Web browser? IE/Firefox/Chrome?

    What version of SharePoint? MOSS2007, SP2010? SP2013?

    When you say front end do you mean Web Front End (WFE) like the IIS web server that SharePoint serves up web pages to? Or do you mean a database front end on a client machine such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel? To me it looks like an Excel error. But if you could clarify that would be great.

    How do you try to link the table into Excel? Are you trying to run a query from the list's menu "Export to Excel" that runs MSQuery and should load into Excel? Or are you trying to 'pull' the data from the Excel client by a command exposed in the Excel ribbon?

    Is the connection SSL? Meaning, is does the address start with https:// or http://   ? If it allows HTTP remove the 'S' in the URL and try that. Also, do you have the app server and WFE hosted on the same box, standalone? Or is it a complete install with at least a WFE and app server? Load balanced? Firewalled? Does it work on other clients?

    The backend db you mentioned that you deployed, is that a SharePoint native list you connect to or the SharePoint backend database hosted on SQL Server? Or is there a database management system somewhere else you hook into via BCS (SP2010)?

    ACTIONS: My recommended next steps.

    1) Troubleshoot (Trusted Sites, client's IE proxy config, web browser, repair Office, http vs https, clear cache, etc...)

    2) Collect data

    3) Reply back with results. Clarify the issue, if you feel the need to, with clear concise steps of the steps taken to result in the (verbatim) error you are seeing on the client.

    Saturday, April 27, 2013 9:21 AM