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  • Win 7 Home "Premium" 64 bit in a 4 core new build.  I've been using PC's since the early '90's, and have run most OS's from DOS forward.  I've also had a little experience with Mac's OS 10.   I have to say that, other than a brief and infuriating experience with "ME", this operating system is the most irritating I have used (I ran Vista in BETA briefly, didn't like it, and went back to XP, which I liked pretty well.  Also liked Win2K).  The taskbar may be the single most annoying part of the OS.  Although I have ALL the apparently available settings adjusted to minimize the taskbar's presence (lock the taskbar, autohide the taskbar, everything in the notification area set to "hide icon and notifications"), it will STILL appear as though it, or an open application, wants to "tell me something".  Often, this will happen when I have 15 or more windows open, 8 Firefox pages, 4 WE windows, a couple Word docs, just a general mix.  This would be bad enough, but it DOES NOT INDICATE WHICH open window "wants me", you know, by having THAT ICON turn a different color, or blink or something similar, so the only thing I can do is close windows one by one, until I get to the offending window.  WHILE I'M RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF TRYING TO DO SOMETHING!  This has happened hundreds of times since I began using the OS, and NOT ONE TIME has there been a need for the app in question to "get my attention".  It always turns out to be a FF page just sitting on Google, or a WE window where nothing has changed for an hour or more, etc.  I also don't like how the bloody thing "pops up" when the mouse moves to the bottom of the screen.  Often this happens when I am doing a ctrl/F search, or trying to scroll the page side to side, or access something at the bottom pf a web page or app, etc.  Is there a WAY TO SET THE &%$@#@%^&*! thing so it ONLY appears when I press the window key, and NEVER at any other time???

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    I use a PC as a tool.  A machine.  I just want it to do what I tell it, when I tell it, and not be "in my face" with a lot of hand-holding, dumbed-down limitations on access, etc., etc.  It seems like each new release of any given software is more in the exact opposite direction to this, and Win 7 seems to have done this in spades.  Drives me nuts!

    Friday, November 4, 2011 12:02 AM