3rd level Enterprise CA doesn't start & shows certificate revoked error


  • hi all

    i have an strange problem. in my 2008 R2 domain network , i have 3 joined server. 

    on server1, i deployed an enterprise Root CA & under it i deployed an enterprise Subordinate CA on server2. then on server3 i deployed new subordinate CA ( i selected the 2nd CA is parent). but after 3rd CA installation completed, when i run CA console on server3, i face with error telling certificate revoked & CA service doesn't start.

    when i check this 3rd server---> MMC, Local computer, personal store , there is a CA certificate & has 2 year validity & is not revoked.

    also enterprise PKI show error

    what could be the problem ?

    (CA1 & CA2 work with no problem)

    thanks in advance

    Thursday, October 24, 2013 12:15 PM


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