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  • Compaq EVO d510 CMT  running  WinXP Pro sp2
    We newly refurbished this system from a whole bunch of someone's deliberate tampering.  It took a month.   Ready to make a back up, and got Ghost 2003 installed ( another friend's contribution ),  and  this post from another forum pretty much  states where I stand.    Same effect, symptoms,  and  other than - I haven't called India  (yet) nor paid for all the extras ( I already Own Ghost 10.0 and it's little friend 2003).  
    I NEED  TO KNOW  WHAT THE STEPS  WOULDA  BEEN TO UNBLOCK THE PARTITION.     The machine in question is on it's road-trip from Quebec to Pittsburgh  as I write.   So, I have a bit of time to plan.
    Help ?   Please.   I'm pretty good,  but not  a complete expert  ! 
    here's  the story post of another person's "fun" :
    We installed Ghost 2003 on our Windows XP HP laptop, like we had done with our 3 Dells with XP over the years, went to go run a Clone operation in the program, it restarts just like it said it would, but then it comes to a blank screen that says "missing operating system". After dinkin' around for hours on our own and on their on-line help where there is an inadequate explanation of the "missing operating system" message, we decide to call India. We are then told that Norton no longer supports the 2003 version (as of June 1st 2006) and that we need go out and BUY version 10.0. (Even if we had 9.0, they would not support it.) So we go out this morning and buy 10.0 which was $70. Call the help desk back because we now have the product that they WILL support and he tells us to insert the 2003 version disk and procedes to walk us through the unblocking of the partition that 2003 caused - using the 2003 disk. We never even used the 10.0 disk, and I'll be damned if I will use it now either. They fixed our problem and then bent us over and charged us ANOTHER $29.95 for the priviledge.
    Ok.   and I only get 'the best' of the weird stuff to fix !! lol   Just need a touch of added assistance in this newest  weird.   short of ""calling India"" !   lol    If I must, I will,  but that too frustrates me !
    Today is April 14th,  I anticipate receiving the machine within 10 days,
    being that other mail  back & forth to Canada has taken that long !
    Thanks  for any help offered.   Obviously,  I know  what all took place (intimately) with this machine over past month...but will not  literally have my hands 'on'  it  for a few more days,  since we  were stopped by thisfrom using  the  GoToMyPC   aspect !!    She's a newbie, but was  learning quite well.    I never expected this from a Ghost program, but  oh well.  Every mfr. has it's flukes.
    Sorry  for the length.   But I try to explain.
    Crazy Woman
    Saturday, April 14, 2007 9:46 AM

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  • Please describe problem with computer more concisely.

    Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:16 AM
  • The computer is showing a message 'No operating system found".   This is the end result of trying to run a back up from disk C to disk G, using Ghost 2003.   The entire system had been  refurbished from a lost files situation earlier in the month, and great care was used to recover vital data she used regularly.   We thought we were finished,  therefore,  time to make a back up.    
    The installation of the Ghost program went smoothly,  but as described in the other post -   it  restarted,  as per instruction,  it  was to have continued to  dos and done the backup,  but  instead,  the next screen that  appeared  was  the message No operating system found.
    As the other poster  had stated,  a tech at a symantecs  call number,  had to walk them thru   'unblocking the partition that Ghost has blocked'.
    This is where I stand,   In need of unblocking the partition that Ghost is blocking,  but  unable to  determine  what the exact next steps are,  unless  I too telephone  the symantecs  support  and  go thru his steps and have their tech walk me thru the  unblock.
    The machine is not in my hands, yet.  It is being sent to me in Pgh.,PA;  from  it's home in Quebec, Canada.    I advised my girlfriend to stop doing anything with it, any further -  and  send it,   once  this  very complicated fix  made itself  apparent.    We had be doing fine  by way of remote assistance,  but  this  goes out of her  hands as a newbie.
    Sunday, April 15, 2007 1:00 AM
  • It is a kind of risk (important data should be backed up first), but you may use Recovery Console - fixmbr command.
    Sunday, April 15, 2007 9:15 AM
  • Well,  that's been suggested.  Someone suggested trying to unplug, and replug the IDE cable from mobo end.
    But,  in many hours research I found what seems to be a  method - from symantecs (which, why should I totally trust them...)  but I found it here, and  took note of linked articles pertinent to this repair.
    that's it.   Rather  complicated, but I'll have the time to go slow.  I do have a test PC  I can  gather the data first.    And,  once  completed,  I have a cross-over cable,  and will  use  winxpPro's   own  backup,   and  also make  a  dvd  set  AND  boot disk  .   
    Things  she should have had from get go,  but  once  original damage was done -  no point backing up all the, I too  had skipped it...until  cleanup & repair had been done....and that's how we had gotten to Ghost 2003...we thought we were done, and time to make a back up.....duh.
    The  machine  should arrive in my possession  within a week.  I will repost with  how it went.   It's sun. night  right now,  anticipate  next sunday. Apr. 22.
    Thank you,  thank you.  
    Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:06 PM
  • I like your webpage information.   I took a quick look and bookmarked it. !  cool.
    Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:11 PM
  • So I'm confused;  You said you already called Symantec and they walked you through the fix (after buying a product you didn't want) and it worked.

    But the question seems to be, you are still having this problem...?  So it didn't actually work?

    First, let me rail on Ghost a little -- throw it away.  Symantec makes the biggest piles of @*$! these days and Ghost is no exception.  I used to be a big Ghost guy but the fact that they're still using DOS is incredible.  I've wasted hours of my life trying to get network drivers to work properly on new systems.  Have a RAID?  God help you!  Symantec's upgrade policies are stupid (pay full price, mail in for an 'upgrade rebate') and of course the tech support BS you already went through.....

    Go get a copy of Acronis' "True Image" instead.  It works, it's a zillion times faster, recognizes all the hardware I've put it in front of (so far) right out of the box.. and it can backup/restore systems (even boot disks) 'on-line' in Windows, or you can make a boot CD and restore offline, even reading disk images off a network drive.

    Save yourself some pain and never feed Symantec another penny, ever again (including their Antivirus obnoxious products - don't get me started!)

    *takes deep breath* Approve

    With all that out of the way... as Davis said, it's probably as simple as booting into the Windows Recovery Console (see for how to boot off the XP CD) and doing a fixmbr to reset the master boot record on the HD.

    Ghost creates a 'virtual drive' (a file called 'VIRTPART.DAT' or something if I remember right) on your boot disk, and then resets your MBR to point at what is essentially a boot sector in the virtual partition.  If, for some reason, that location was wrong or the virtual partition file somehow moved or got written wrong before the reboot, well.. your machine stops booting.  You must fix the MBR to re-point to the Windows bootloader to get things back up and going again.
    Sunday, April 15, 2007 3:14 PM
  • Ok.  Nope.  I  wasn't the  one who telephoned  symantecs......the poster of the  illustration of  "what"  I was  facing  had done so.
    I do in fact own Ghost 10.,   I gotta  agree with you (on the rant)  it's not all it's cracked up to be, and yes,  I'm  putting some pennies aside for a copy of Acronis.  
    That said.   In  the symantecs  site, .....noted above...I did in fact  find  the method  they describe,  that I am  'assuming'  this is the "walk thru".they were given.
    My intention is,  to  first  try  to boot into the winPro cd,   recovery console,  and  use  fixmbr.     If  that  does not  relay me back to a good windows boot function.
    THEN.   Only then,  will I try  the  symantecs'  'fix'.     I'm  certain that if done correctly,  this should not take  multiple hours of labor,  but  simply careful  execution.
    I also plan to  ckdsk   with  attributes,  to  verify  the ghost virtual  partition.   Just  for  s**ts & giggles.     I will have  any amount of time I need to work on this,  as I have provided  the  young lady with a loaner machine  to keep her online  while  I attack this.    We placed  way too much  time  into  recreating  the losses  she suffered  from the hack job.
    Much of her data is,  in fact  on the  second drive.....and I am  nearly 99% certain  ghost never got that far !!
    Thanks  guys,   I'm  always  seeking  a  great place to pick someone's brain,   for  ideas  I dream up to fix  things,   and  circumvent my crazy ideas  when  others  send me  red flags  that  my ideas sound insane. lol
    And,  being  human;  I am  fallible !!
    Sunday, April 15, 2007 3:39 PM
  • FWIW, I subscribe to the safety-first view that any imaging of a system partition should be done from external boot media. As a result I stick with good old Image for DOS off a CD. Terabyte's tools would also repair pretty much every conceivable boot record issue. </$0.02>
    Sunday, April 15, 2007 9:32 PM
  • Hello all,
    I have all of this on paper.  Have still been doing researches,  but  the machine  itself  is  STILL  in  transit  between   Quebec, Canada   and  Pittsburgh, PA  !!
    It is post office tracked as Montreal 4/18.
    Nothing  new  has happened,  and  Nothing new has  been  touched.
    It's  just  been  a  good  few  days,   and  I didn't  want  to  upset, or offend  the  forum  folks.
    Hopefully,   soon  (today is Tues/  4-24)......I'll  have my hands on it !!
    Tuesday, April 24, 2007 5:50 AM