I have used Microsoft Account Authenticator on my iPhone but suddenly it tries to open Apple watch on my iPhone RRS feed

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  • date/time is now: Sunday, 2018.09.23.0218.CDT

    I have used Microsoft Account Authenticator on my iPhone7 Plus successfully for several months, but suddenly tonight when I touched the Microsoft Account Authenticator on my iPhone7 Plus it opened an Apple Watch page over my iPhone app and there is no way to cancel the Apple Watch page.

    I tried to reset the iPhone by turning if off, waiting over 60 seconds then restarting my iPone7 Plus, but that had not effect -- the Apple Watch page still opens over the iPhone Authenticator App page, covering the information I need to see in order to complete the verification process of resetting my password for my Microsoft Account.

    While I was able to login once with my new password, my "Recent Activity Page" shows that additional verification was requested but not received.

    0235 - second successful login completed and the "additional verification request is no longer seen, but my iPhone Authenticator App still opens an Apple Watch authenticator app page which covers my iPhone Microsoft  Authenticator App so that I cannot see it, or the information displayed?

    Please send me a "fix - perhaps to reinstall" this is the weekend locally, but in less than 24 hours it will be Monday morning, the start of the week and I need to be able to use the Apple iPhone Authenticator with my laptop or my desktop computer - especially when I am at client's offices, or presenting to potential clients where the cellular iPhone reception can overcome any local Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

    Having this unwanted Apple iWatch or watch? page open over and covering up the iPhone Authenticator App page really makes it impossible. 

    Why or how did this happen? 

    The only change I made was to use my iPhone as an alternate remote for my AT&T Cable Television which did not involve the iPhone Microsoft Authenticator App.

    If you do not have an explanation, patch, or workaround when you receive this, please include your best estimate of when I can expect this to be restored to the Apple iPhone Microsoft Authenticator App.

    Richard Katilavas

    Avoid obfuscation if you like?

    Sunday, September 23, 2018 7:50 AM