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  • Something has changed in our environment over the past year and suddenly any file driven activities/functions are being negatively impacted from a performance standpoint.  Here are some things i have observed lately in our environment.

    Windows 10 client copies a zip file from the local C: drive to a Windows 2016 server via the UNC admin share path (e.g. \\server\c$\temp\).  You see the file copy status window immediately, but the status sits there at 0% for a minute before it starts progressing with the file copy at a normal quick pace.  

    You empty your recycle bin on a file server.  The status bar hangs at a certain percentage for over a minute and then starts progress at a normal pace.

    You right click a file in File Explorer.  It takes almost a minute for the menu to show up. Once it does, everything works fine.

    You install an upgrade to a server application.  The upgrade takes 10 times as long as it seems like file activities are taking forever.

    You update the security on a folder.  Each file is updated with the new security settings, but instead of it happening fast, you see it taking a long time, one file at a time.  

    These are all different clients and servers i'm seeing this behavior on, so its not just one machine.  I dont even know where to start or what to put in my 'suspect list'.  Is it a Windows setting?  Is it a bug?  Is it virus protection? or Windows security settings conflicting with virus protection?  Is it something else?  how would i even start with troubleshooting this?

    Friday, February 14, 2020 2:03 PM

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  • I dont even know where to start or what to put in my 'suspect list'. 

    I would start with task manager and make sure that the machine you are on has sufficient CPU/memory/disk capacity. Ie; make sure that some other process is not impacting your performance. 

    If you have a physical hard drive (not SSD), run dfrgui.exe and defrag the drive. I also like to prevent my system page file from getting fragmented from being "system managed". On a new machine I set a fixed paged file size. Sysinternal's pagedfrg doesn't work any more so on an older machine I would set the pagefile to a small size, reboot, defrag the disk, then set the PF to it's larger fixed size.  

    Next I would test the hard drive to measure it's response time and compare that with several machines. A tool like Novabench or PCMark works. make sure you don't have some underlying hardware problem. 

    What software are you using for anti-virus? That's usually the #1 suspect. Do you have a repeatable test? Ie; copy c:\temp\ to c:\temp2? (Don't test over the network, too many variables.) If so turn off your AV software and see if it runs faster. 

    Friday, February 14, 2020 3:03 PM
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