Acer Crystal Eye Webcam RRS feed

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  • I moved my pictures, I reinstalled the original drivers, I installed the most recent drivers from Acer. I have disabled Microsoft downloads, I have reloaded my system about a dozen times and walked on eggshells with every uninstall and install. The app depends on a certain version of ffdshow and runs on the enhanced pci to usb host. Does anybody know which version of ffdshow will work with the "EYE"??? On one occasion I lost the "EYE" when I started up the computer with a usb mouse, keyboard, and external drive. It may be an overload of the usb, It may be a lack of power from the laptop. It might be the ffdshow. Or, it might be this ACER 4420 w//dual athlon 1.9 processors which should kick butt and run great. Acer says they can fix it, but they won't share the info unless you pay them $60 for 1/2 hour of service by phone. Somehow I do not trust them. Do you? If so many people are having trouble with their product, one would think that their gurus would come up with a cure, but I guess that's wishful thinking when a company get greedy like Acer.

    Does anybody know what to do? Or, do I have to go out a buy a webcam that works when I have already bought one that's built in?

    This is very frustrating for me. I like to have my stuff working. There's no logical reason that this cannot be accomplished.
    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 8:09 PM