Adding network locations for students


  • I am currently working on a school project where the task is to have every student have their own homefolder on the server. Aswell is everyone supposed to share one common folder where the teachers can oversee everything and the students can read&write. Then the last is for the teacher to have one folder where he/she can post tasks or videos and such. Here the students can only read.

    Setting the home folder is easy, but having the other network locations come up when someone logs on for the first time is a bit trickier for me. 

    I have set up Shares in the server manager, set the permissions for each folder. If the student knows the path to the Common network locations he can simply add them himself, but my problem is that i need the network locations to appear without any technician having to add them.


    I am doing this without any affiliation with a school, i know a bit, but if you could try to keep it simple i would appreciate it.

    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 3:14 PM

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