How do I permanently STOP the Bing Suggested Sites icon from being in the IE 9 toolbar foreveryone and make it the default for all new users RRS feed

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  • Non of the other post on this subject were correctly answered and they are now old so here is a new thread for a question that a Microsoft Engineer should have answered a long time ago in one of the other threads.

     I have IE 9 installed.

    I am setting up my default profile which will be used for ALL users to configure their profile when they log on. All profiles are destroyed on system reboot. All PCs are frozen.

    Every time I log in as a new user and open IE 9, the favorites bar shows up as I want it with NO BING Suggested Site crapware in site. Then about .5 secs after IE starts and the Favorites bar is shown, the EVIL "Bing Suggested Sites" button appears.

     I can delete it and it seems to stay away until I delete the users profile folder etc and have them log in again. When the profile is recreated the Favorites folder does not have a "Suggested Sites" option in the c:\users\username\favorites\links" folder. (I have deleted the hidden .ini files in the default folder) Nor does one exist in the "c:\users\default\favorites\links" folder from which the newly created user profile folder comes. But as soon as I start IE 9, one is created and placed in the users favorites links folder. This MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is UNACCEPTABLE. AND IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!! Where in the Windows 7 x64 Enterprise OS is the location of this evil action and how do I PERMANENTLY delete it.

    I don't EVER want to see the EVIL BING Suggested Sites button anywhere on the PC especially in the Favorites Tool bar on IE 9. An I expect/demand that Microsoft tell us how to 100% cannot fail get rid of it for ALL USERS FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I have spent a lot of time perfecting my default profile making sur that ALL options are decide by me NOT MICROSOFT. I NEVER USE SYSPREP as that will destroy ALL custom defaults every time.

    When a user logs in in to one of my PCs and they start IE 9 they get REAL Google for the default search engine, not the version Microsoft will give you which first sends all search requests to Microsoft so they can spy on what you searched in Google for etc., but real Google, not sent to Microsoft 1st. (I'll bet more than 90% of the readers of this site did not notice how if you let Microsoft set your default search provider to Google, they fix it so that all search requests go to Microsoft 1st, before it gets sent to Google. Look at the search string under manage your search providers, in IE 7 & 8. In IE 9 it is hidden, but still there. HOW EVIL OF MICROSOFT)

    With my default profile IE does not ask how you want to set it up, I have already made those decisions. I have made all those decisions for my users. But as of recently I have started installing IE 9 and now this unacceptable BING Suggested Sites junk ware keeps showing up. HOW DO I STOP IT. Do I have to put a line in my HOSTS file to send all request for to just to make sure that it can't be used. There by removing all possibility of my users ever being able to use Bing FOREVER.

    I would rather not do that but unless a Microsoft representative will tell me how to keep that useless Bing Suggested Sites button from appearing on the Favorites tool bar I will have to. I would love to let my user decide if they want to use Bing and waist their time trying to find good search results, but I will not have it forced on them and I will not allow it to be on the Favorites tool Bar ever. So will a Microsoft Engineer please tell us how to put a permanent end to the "Bing Suggested Sites" button for ALL users ALWAYS FOREVER.


    Monday, July 15, 2013 2:03 PM

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