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  • Hi All! 

    After many hours looking for information about User Profiles to find the best solution (which best fits to my organitation) I am still in a doubt. I am pretty sure the best for us is Roaming User Profile+Folder Redirection combination, but I would like to take a look at Roaming Mandatory User Profile+Folder Redirection.

    I have done some tests with Roaming Mandatory User Profile but, when I merge it with Folder Redirection, users shares data of user I used to create the Mandatory User Profile. I think is necessary to clarify this with the steps I followed:

    1. create a user named MandatoryUser to create de profile
    2. apply to that user a group policy to redirect folders to shared folder (\\contoso\users$\data)
    3. copy the MadatoryUser profile to a shared folder (\\contoso\users$\profiles\Mandatory Profile) and change NTUser.DAT extension to .MAN
    4. set the profile location to an user named TestUser in User Object of ADDS to \\contoso\users$\profiles\Mandatory Profile

    When I logged on with TestUser, Roaming Mandatory Profile succesfully charged, but folders were redirected to \\contoso\users$\data\MandatoryUser\ instead of \\contoso\users$\data\TestUser.

    Is this the way it should work? Am I looking for something that is not possible?

    Any information about Roaming User Profiles will be welcome.

    I have also been considering to use multiple Default User Profiles to starts new users profiles according to their job, but I read that you can only do this with third-party tools. Is it true?

    Thank you in advance.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 7:18 PM