Why does Windows update try to load programs the user specifically Hides? RRS feed

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  • I use Firefox as my browser. O-N-L-Y Firefox. The only time IE gets opened is when I go to Windows Update.

    I went to Windows Update a few weeks ago. I always use Custom instead of Express because I like to see the details of each update that MS says I need to install.

     Windows Update told me that Internet Exploder 8 is considered not only a "Critical" update, but "Automatic" as well, and then attempted to download and install it.

    I de-selected it manually and then right-clicked it, then selected "Hide Update" so I never have to see it again.

    I saw yesterday that MS released a metric-buttload of patches, so I went back to Windows Update to grab them.

    Windows Update AGAIN tried to download and install Internet Exploder 8, even though I have previously made my preference known by manually selecting to hide that update so I do not see it again. EVER.

    Is MS so paranoid about IE losing Marketshare that you're trying to force the software onto my system? Or are you just not content in adding vulnerabilities to Firefox through Windows Update the silently loaded add-on that you got reamed about in the media?

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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009 3:13 PM

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  • I am still waiting for a response from MS on this issue?

    Why are you trying to force IE8 down my throat when I have specifically chosen not to use Internet Exploder at all?

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    Monday, July 20, 2009 1:33 PM