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  • Just had an interesting experience with a web service setup behind UAG...under low load conditions all SOAP responses were coming across with no issue...once a high load was introduced by the client app the behavior changed where an initial request was processed and subsequent requests were rejected by UAG with a Bad Parameter : Length message...but high load (relatively) on a web browser ran without issue...the client app had to wait ~100 seconds before the next request would process correctly...browser works - app has problems...turns out it was the keep-alive "default" settings on both the client app server, as well as my web service in -apparently UAG thought the 2nd (and subsequent < 100 seconds) were a parameter of the first request...and was way too long and got rejected...I unchecked the keep-alive enabled box on the http response header (set common headers) and all is fine now! Apparently the browsers were closing the connection with each page load and the service responded appropriately - so it looked like all was well. Using SOAP UI revealed the error...but it also had it's connection set to keep-alive...once that was disabled in SOAP UI all requests ran correctly...that's when I poked around and found that response header setting.
    Monday, January 26, 2015 3:40 PM