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  • I want to start my first SP2013 project, and for the first release I need to build a knowledge base library for my company. I am planning to have the following general implementation steps, and I would like to share in case I am going in the wrong road:-
    1. On my Development environment, I am going to create a new Publishing site.
    2. Then inside my publishing site I am going to create 5 separate “Enterprise Wikis” site collection.
    3. Each of the enterprise Wiki site represents a department. so I will have an enterprise wiki site for the HR dept,  another one for the legal dept and so on. But all under the main publishing site.
    4. I am going to be the administrator for the whole publishing site.
    5. For each department I am going to give the employees who are under the department a “contribute” privilege so that they can read, view, add wikis. While the will give other employees “read” privileges.
    6. For some departments such as legal; the department manager asks that he need to approve any wiki before being published. So for these department I will give the department manager the “Approve” privilege and will remove the “approve” privileges from other.
    7. For the legal department I will specify that the wiki” Require content approval”.
    8. After finalizing and testing my new publishing site on the Dev environment, I am going to do a back-up for the whole site and create a .wsp and move it to the production environment which will be linked to an active directory.

    So based on the above I have the following questions:-

    1. Will the above GENERAL 8 steps be valid to achieve my first set of requirements for building an enterprise knowledge library?
    2. There are some restrictions which I want to have but I cannot figure out if they are available out of the box in SP 2013:-
      1. To make the wiki taxonomy more controlled; how I can restrict creating new categories to only specified users (mainly senior staff).
      2. Preventing deleting a Wiki unless you are the creator or the Admin

    Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for t eh long email.


    Thursday, April 18, 2013 2:50 PM

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  • hi John,

    You can try to use the event handlers to restrict to create a new categories for each departmental wiki site based on the user groups level.

    ---------- Vadivelu B Life with SharePoint

    Monday, May 6, 2013 9:07 AM
  • You can manage permissions to the termset being used for the categories within the Managed Metadata service application if I recall correctly.

    And the delete could either be a custom workflow or event receiver on the pages library, depends on how you want to handle updating the logic I guess.

    Tuesday, May 14, 2013 4:00 PM