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  • Hi all,
    i have a question regarding the different work items in SCSM and their intended use cases.
    in my company i was assigned the task to "convert" some existing sharepoint workflows to service manager and as i'm quite new to Service Manager i try to understand how to best utilize the different "request" types, i.e. change request, service request, incident,...

    we have an existing sharepoint workflow for server deployments, covering steps like hardware assembly, OS deployment, network configuration, scheduling backups, etc...
    the workflow starts with a form where the requesting person can specify things like servername, OS, hardware requirements, backup schedule, and so on...each of the different teams (network/VM/windows/backup) receive an email when it's their turn and they can open the workflow form and mark their tasks as done (simple checkbox in the form).then the next team receives a mail and so on..when the last team has finished their tasks, the workflow is completed and the requestor receives a notification email.

    so, how to do this in SCSM? i have read numerous blogs/tutorials but i can't determine whats the best way to handle this...
    *) do i need a service request? or a change request? whats the difference?
    *) can i implement this within one request or do i need multiple ones? if so how can i connect between them?
    *) how can i implement the different activities for the different teams? is it possible to create some form of dynamic checklist that is accessable by every team?
    *) what sort of activities do i need? manual/parallel/sequential? do the users need the SCSM console to access these activities or can they use the portal for this?
    *) what about email notifications? do i need SCORCH for this or can SCSM handle it by itself?

    i know these are a lot question, but i have the feeling i just need some basic understandings to get started. maybe someone can help me out ;)

    thank you!

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013 12:28 PM

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  • *) do i need a service request? or a change request? whats the difference?

    Service Request: Service Request represent the normal requests e.g new laptop (it's called Request Offering in SM)  and it 's available for all users through the Service Manager Portal, definitely there are more things that related to SR such as SLA, Help Articles, ...

    Change request: more to do with the infrastructure changes (e.g. Add an additional DC), this is only available thry the SM Console. Change request has Start/End date to implement the change, Risk Plan, Verification, ...

    *depends on the workflow, however create one template per SR. each raised SR can be (re)assigned to a different Support group

    * Orchestrator is required (integrated with SM) if you need to configure dynamic workflow

    *manual/parallel/seq that really depends on the requirements per template. normal users does not require SM console to access the assigned "activities*, this can be done thru the SM portal (however, for the Manual Activity, you need to give the users Activity Implementers access)

    *SCSM can handle this (Orc is not required for email notification)

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013 1:34 PM