Embedded Chat in website to interact with standalone messenger software, phones, etc


  • Hey Everyone,


    I don't have a lot of knowledge on ALL the latest technologies that microsofts poppin out with. My experience is basically windows OS, basic exchange server stuff, and some VB.net and SQL server.


    I had an idea that I wanted to see if I could implement, but I don't know where to start. I have an e-commerce website that I'm rebuilding, and basically I wanted to embed live chat onto my website.


    The way that I'm envisioning it is every time a page for a product would load, tehre would also be a module on that page that was basically a live chat box. When the customer enters a line, that text needs to transfer to a sales rep PC, who would be running a messenger software that could interact with that chat module. Now the sales rep would either receive a "ping" I guess you would call it, on their PC and it would notify them of a new message, and they would simply click on the notification and start live chat with whoever the customer might be. OR, if the sales rep chooses, they could download a version of that messenger software on their smartphone (Windows phone, iphone, blackberry, android, etc.), and they could live chat on their phone with whoever's on the website instead.


    Is there a technology like that that I could use and simply plug into my website, and provide for the sales reps, or would I have to build something from scratch? How do I code for interactivity with different servers on different phone carriers or internet providers? Do I even need to care? Some of the sales reps are connected to an exchange server, is there anyway to use that for instant chat??


    See, I don't know where to start, I was hoping someone with more experience in the technologies could show me some wisdom.


    Thanks in advance.


    Monday, January 24, 2011 5:22 AM