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  • I have a default EPT and associated a schedule PDP with it. I have created a project plan template and saved it as template to my PWA. (in my default EPT the project plan is unselected because this is by design not possible)

    Before *somehow* upon project creation. the schedule page showed the predefined project plan (as from the project plan template with miles stones only - see screenshot which I will insert after my account is verified).

    Now the schedule page does not show any milestones (only a summary task - see screenshot which I will insert after my account is verified)

    I do not remember how with a default EPT I managed to create a schedule based on the Project plan template. any ideas how I can get this back?

    -update- Solved it

    It was changed because I changed the EPT to default.

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  • Hi,

    Having a project template attached to the default EPT is simply NOT possible. Reason is simple. The default EPT is used while creating a project from MS Project, in which you could choose any template (or none). Thus the default EPT cannot have a project template.

    Don't know how you could have some tasks in your project after creating the project but there must be some human and manual operation behind.

    Just consider having the default EPT as is (no template) and create additional EPT with the required templates.

    Hope this helps,

    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MVP, P-Seller

    Thursday, July 20, 2017 3:24 PM
  • Thanks for jumping in Guillaume.

    In our case new projects are only created by a workflow (so not via MS project, although it is possible).

    The worklow polls a sharepoint list (with project ideas) and creates a project if the ideas status is set on accepted. Unfortunately I cannot see and edit the workflow anymore in SharePoint designer (the text based designer is empty) however the workflow is still active.

    Also in the sharepoint list I have set the default project type as the default EPT. Which users cannot see or change.

    Now reading all the tips and instructions I have no idea how I and my MS project online consultant have managed to get a predefined schedule with this default EPT.

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