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  • Hey everyone I have a question regarding SQL servers and E2 shoptech, we are upgrading our server to 2012 sql soon and in turn need to upgrade our inventory software to match it right now we have roughly 25 computers in the shop connecting to E2. 12 of these run the main admin program and we know for sure these computers will need a E2 sql license to connect to the database what we are not sure on is that the rest of the workstations connect only to data collections and as far as we know we need only one sql license to enable access to the rest of the shop. What is tripping us up is that the workstations will all have unique names and we are unsure if that will cause issues with trying to connect to the system. Below I will past the description E2 supplied us and hopefully someone with more knowledge than myself can answer this for me. Thank you in advance for all help.

    Here's some information regarding sql server licensing. You only have to have the sql module purchased from E2.
    If you want to use data collection , you will have to purchase the module through your sales rep. You can use as many data collection terminals as you want . Data collection only uses one license..

    E2 generally uses the same connect string for all users and all connections. This means the same SQL user ID is used for each connection. However, you will normally not have the same Windows user ID being used on all machines. When running E2 on a workstation it is possible to have multiple connections to the SQL server. A 'normal' workstation will have connections from E2 and Quickview, but could also have connections from PC Data Collection, the Trigger Server, or Data Collection. The number of connections will depend on the machine and how it is being used. In my opinion this type of scenario lends itself more to the Device CAL as it licenses the device rather than a user. To be certain, if you need a more detailed explanation of their licensing, I would suggest contacting a Microsoft representative to be sure you are getting only what you need.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2015 2:14 PM