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  • Hi,

    Im new to MDT and trying to setup a good MDT environment for my company.
    I was thinking to use roles to get diffrent settings and applications due to we have many special departments that need diffrent settings.

    We have an old MDT setup today where we have many diffrent Tasksequences and base wim files.
    Due to this is not an optimal way to manage all this so we are setting up a new environment with MDT2013.

    So I was thinking like this. I want one TaskSequence with one base img with windows 8.1 embeded.
    I will populate all the computers from AD (around 2000) to the MDT databse. Setup diffrent roles in the mdt DB with diffrent settings and applications and then assign it to my computers.

    Then I will create a custom wizard page to pick what role the client im installing shoud have. I have found some guids out there to do this but only for MDT2010, hope this works for 2013? The reson I want to have this option is due to we fix problem by replacing a faulty computer with a new one and then reinstalling the faulty one. And we need to change what setting it should have. And I dont want every tecnician to go in to MDT to change the roll on the client there every time.

    So to my questions, is this a good setup to use?
    Can I use roles this way and only have one TaskSeq?
    Is it possible to set what OS to install in the role?, ex if I want a win8.1 enterprise insted of embeded but I dont want a second TaskSeq, just another OS?

    Thankfull for some answers.
    Jan M Dahlström 

    Tuesday, October 27, 2015 8:49 PM