Contacts (not mailboxes) from another forest not getting synced RRS feed

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  • Dear FIM Experts,

    I'm using the gal sync service to sync contacts between different forest.

    Let's say there are 2 forests A & B.

    I've configured the MA for forest B to include contacts (from other domains) and user mailboxes. I've also added the smtp suffixes of these other domains in the GAL configuration section.

    I've previously synced these contacts through another method using powershell. They now exist in forest A. 

    MIM 2016 is sitting in forest A. During a sync of MA for forest B, only mailboxes come cross. Not the contacts.

    The contacts can be found in Forest B CS in a normal disconnector state.

    When running a full sync preview, the projection status is declined.

    I've also tried disabling the provisioning rules, full import full sync, delta import, delta sync.

    I'm at a loss at what the issue is.

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  • It seems your are missing a matching join rule.

    I would expect that a user (with mailbox) gets projected to MV and a contact should join to this MV object.

    If this doesn't happen, check join rules.

    I would suggest these steps:

    1) disable provisioning

    2) run import -  sync on all of your MAs until all users are imported and contacts are joined

    3) enable provisioning

    4) run full sync on all MAs again to allow provisioning of contacts to already created before your put FIM/MIM in place. 


    Wednesday, June 7, 2017 12:22 PM