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  • I have added a new Win 7 64 bit box and a new ReadyNAS 2Tb unit to a network of 9 existing XP machines with a SB2003 server. All the XP machines work perfectly but a little slow against new multi-processor units. However, the Win 7 machine is proving to be a complete pain. The Win 7 box is a replacement for an XP machine, same screen, keyboard, mouse and network connection. Opening files across or transferring files located on the server or the NAS box is painfully slow to the point of unusable.

    Example 1. Create a word document, locate a picture file (2-4Mb) on the NAS drive, import into a text box within the document, select photo and rotate. On any XP box this process is quick and acceptable. On the Win 7 box you can wait between 1-2 minutes for the 'load' and 1/2 to 1 minute to rotate. This is not acceptable and not usable.

    Example 2. As a test, select a folder containing many sub-folders of thousands of photos (2-4Mb each) on the NAS drive and copy to the local disk. On an XP box the network utilization (in task manager) exceeds 50% (50Mb /sec) whilst on the Win 7 box it struggles to hit 5% (5Mb / Sec).

    I have attempted a number of the 'fixes' recommended on the Internet, many of which are on this site, with no appreciable improvements. Update to SP1 made a little impression but is "not acceptable" as far as the user is concerned.

    This installation is in a Dental practice and I must resolve this issue even if I have to migrate back to XP. Is this the 'way forward'.

    Things done so far:

    • Update to SP1
    • Autotuning disabled
    • RSS disabled
    • IP6 disabled
    • Cleared DNS cache
    • Fixed NIC link speed to various settings - no change
    • Switch RDC off

    Do we have any absolute fix from Microsoft or are they sticking 'heads in the sand' over this problem. Does anyone have anything to offer as a solution or do I have to bite the bullet and load XP as a way forward, I have to do something, and quick.



    David A
    Tuesday, June 28, 2011 9:34 AM