DPM Agent in DMZ RRS feed

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  • A server at a customer location which had been working normally with DPM 2010 was relocated into a DMZ.  The vendor who manages the DMZ programmed the following two-way communications between the DPM 2010 Server and the relocated server with DPM Agent:

    tcp 135
    tcp 5718
    tcp 5719
    udp domain
    udp 88
    tcp 88
    tcp ldap
    udp 389
    udp netbios-ns
    udp netbios-dgm
    tcp netbios-ssn
    tcp 445

    He added these based on a DPM firewall article I directed him to.  Unfortunately, the DPM server is reporting the following error when attempting to reach the agent on the relocated server:

    Internal error code: 0x8099090E

    From what I gather, there are still port and protocol issues with the Cisco PIX firewall.  Are there items missing from the rules above?


    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 8:17 PM