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  • I'm just about top start using a Consolidated Plan and Resource Pool. I've seen some threads which are making me nervous about file corruption when there are any differences between the settings in the Subprojects.

    Does anyone have a robust process which they could recommend to adopt in using Consolidated Plans and Resource Pools. Presumably all of the files have to be on the one network in order to allow for bi-directional updating.

    Sunday, April 2, 2017 4:37 PM

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  • teachable2015,

    Sorry but there is no "robust" process when working with linked structures in Project. The minute you set up a linked structure you are increasing the odds of corruption but you can minimize the risk with very disciplined file management.

    First, do you really need the ability to do bi-directional updating? If that's not a big deal in your case, you can avoid creating a dynamic master and just go with a resource pool/sharer file structure. It will still be a linked structure but removes the extra complexity of a dynamic master. If you need to combine all sharer projects for reporting, a much better approach is to create a static master. A static master is a single independent file that is a snapshot in time of the the files inserted into it. It is not linked, so it is not susceptible to corruption. The downside is that you need to create a new static master any time you need an update, however this can be automated with a macro, recorded the first time and then executed thereafter. How do you create a static master? Uncheck the "link to project" option in the lower right corner of the Insert Project window.

    You may have seen this stated in the other threads you read, but it's worth repeating. In a linked structure in Project, you must never rename, move, overwrite, or save off any of the files in the structure. Ideally, all files should be in a single directory on a local drive and not be operated over a network

    Hope this helps.


    Sunday, April 2, 2017 11:38 PM