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  • I have started a new Project file in MS Project. I understand how to import a sub-project, but isn't there a way to just create the sub-project within the master project?  I don't want to create something and import it, I would prefer to build in directly into the master file.  I cannot find anything on the web ... only how to import sub-projects
    Tuesday, February 17, 2015 3:25 PM

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  • Liz,

    No, you can't create a subproject directly from a master project and, except for static masters, subprojects are not "imported" into the master. Let me explain.

    Project has two forms of master - dynamic and static.

    A dynamic master is simply a file that has one or more subprojects inserted into it. Those subprojects are not actually part of the master, rather, the master contains pointers to each subproject. The advantage of a dynamic master is that changes made at either master or subproject level is reflected in the other, hence, the files are dynamically linked. The disadvantage of a dynamic master is that it is prone to corruption. None of the files in a dynamic master should be renamed, moved, overwritten, or saved off. All files in a dynamic master should be in a single folder, ideally on a local drive and not resident on a network. The default mode of inserting subprojects into a master is for a dynamic master.

    A static master is a single file into which each of the subprojects has been copied (i.e. imported if you will). A static master is created by unchecking the "link to project" option in the lower right corner of the Insert Project window. A static master is basically a snapshot in time of each subproject, so there is no link between the static master and any of the subprojects. The advantage of a static master is that is it not prone to coruption and therefore is normally the best choice.

    Hope this helps.


    Tuesday, February 17, 2015 4:09 PM