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  • I have moved TFS2010 with collections+sharepoint3.0+ report server. Everything is working fine. Except I am facing following issue regarding SharePoint. I have actually move my TFS2010 server from one hardware machine to another hardware. Sharepoint3.0 is intergrated with TFS2010.I am using SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard edition with TFS2010 and Sharpoint 3.0 and Server 2008 R2 data center edition as base OS. The move is actually a Restore-Base move. Before migration system name and softwares are identical.

    PROBLEM Detail:-

    When I try to edit excel file in sharePoint following error come to me

    "Edit document requires a windows sharepoint services-compatible application and microsoft internet explorer 6.0 or greater"

    internet Explorer is greater than 6.0 as I am using a internet explorer 9.0.29 version.

    I am using a SharePoint 3.0 and Office 2013 suit with it.

    IN TFS I have following SharePoint related Issue: (I have a folder on sharepoint which take data from workitems quries in TFS. It also appear in VS2010 in documents folder)

    In TFS when I open an Excel file that design to take data from TFS workitems automatically. But it will not update its item through defined workitems. So I open the file then enter required username password---> then enable editing (at this point it gives me errror "Run time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set". I just end it to move forward)(Also after this it will show the IP of old TFS server from which I have restored so that is why I go to Team menu)---> Team menu -->  Configure --> here in connection I give the IP of my present TFS Server then it will connect to my collection manually-----> then I go to list and select the desired query from which the data should be update --> Now ofter pressing ok it will update the data in excel file from the query --->

    but the problem come when I try to save this file it will not save this file in sharepoint rather it gives me message that file is read-only and try to save file in different location or with different name.


    My Issue that excel file should be open directly from Sharepoint and user should be able to save it directly to sharepoint. Now my users first download the file --> change it and then upload it as a new file. very ambarrasing.

    Also my TFS users excel files are not updating from Workitems Queries automatically. These files must be updated automatically after we change the query data in work items.

    Please suggest me any solution. I am just stuck

    Friday, August 22, 2014 7:10 AM

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