SharePoint Online - Office 365 - Help to clearing up some issues and some inspiration/guiding


  • Hello Community

    I have been employed by a company that uses Office 365 Enterprise E3

    They are not completely satisfied with their SharePoint solution and for good reason.
    Technically it works but the appearance looks more like a "Windows Explorer with a website". Users use the most as a FileShare and that's it. For example, make a document - upload it and sends an email around if there are others who would be interested in it.
    I am not an expert in SharePoint but believes that SharePoint can do much more than that
    The company is a consulting company with offices in several cities and are not divided traditionally structured as an organization (sales - marketing, economy , finance,  development etc) but more as independent offices in different cities

    They want to use SharePoint as a knowledge and collobaration center.

    First, I think - aha they need an intranet with team sites. But is it possible with their chosen solution?

    If so - will it be a starting point to base the team sites on individual cities (eg city 1 city 2, city 3 etc.) and then create a structure for a single city.?

    Can you possibly. guide me to the examples / tutorials on building intranet team sites?

    Which version of SharePoint, Office 365 features (is it SharePoint 2016?)

    Can you develop new design / new apps / new structure?

    Can you, with advantage, use the Office UI Fabric, or should developng by the hardcore use of Visual Studio?

    What about Sharepoint Designer?

    The company would like to use Yammer as a social medium.
    Can you use Yammer as a news feed for SharePoint
    If yes - Is there a guide / tutorial on integrating Yammer with Office 365/Sharepoint?

    I do not have the opportunity to work on their server, as I am afraid to crashed it
    I have therefore signed up for a trial (30 days) of their solution Office 365 Enterprise E3.

    But get stucked because you obviously have to install Office 2016 on your computer.
    But this is not possigle (for me) since I already bought and paid for an Office Professional Plus 2013. It should then be uninstalled first.
    My computer is shared among multiple users (my family) who daily use Office and in principle I only need to use SharePoint.
    Is it possible to try a trial of SharePoint Online that corresponds to the version included Office 365?

    As mentioned earlier, I am not an expert in SharePoint and have only worked with SharePoint 2010 on-premises

    Is there anyone who can help to clarify these issues

    Best regards and thanks in advance

    (forgive my poor english)

    / b


    Friday, July 22, 2016 10:10 AM


  • Hi BJOL,

    SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers. With SharePoint Online, you can access internal sites, documents, and other information from anywhere—at the office, at home, or from a mobile device.

    There are a lot of questions in your post. It would be better if you could ask one question/issue per post. This will provide crisp and accurate work and results by working on one issue at a time. This service format also makes it easier to locate answers when you are searching for specific information or solutions.

    Let’s focus on the first question in this post, creating intranet team site. Could you please provide more detail about this requirement? Then we could do research about it.

    For more information about what SharePoint Online is and how to use SharePoint online, you could refer:

    Regarding the additional question and concerns, please create a new thread so that a dedicated support engineer can provide answers and information for you.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    Linda Zhang

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