Is it possible to link content from a spreadsheet/document with a field in the document information panel? RRS feed

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  • Lets assume the following:

    I have an excel spreadsheet set as the template for a document library. There is a cell on the excel sheet in which the user manually enters a reference number. I'd like the document information panel to pick up this reference number from the cell, publishing it in a column on the document library when saved.

    Alternatively the reference number could be manually typed into the document information panel. This would require the cell to lookup and retrieve the reference number and display it on the sheet (for printing purposes).

    Does anyone know if this is possible?



    Version: SharePoint 2007 Enterprise

    Users: Win XP / Win 7 - Office 2007 / 2010

    Thursday, May 19, 2011 7:54 AM


  • This is easy to achieve.  Enterprise gives you the ability to generate customised Document Information Panels (DIP) for content types, so what you should be able to do is: -

    1. Edit the default content type, or duplicate it.  Make sure it's attached to the correct library
    2. In the content type settings, click on Document Information Panels
    3. Click on "Generate a new Custom Template."  This will generate a new DIP for you in InfoPath that is linked to your current columns.
    4. Make any changes you need, and publish this back to the library
    5. Make sure the reference column is mandatory

    What you'll find here is that when a new template is generated OR a new item is saved to the libraty, the DIP will challenge them for the reference.

    EDIT: having reread the post, I originally got the wrong end of the stick.  Excel, unlike word doesn't have any SmartParts that can insert DIP info directly within the document.  I'll have a play today and will see what I can find out.  I've left my original post up for reference

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    Thursday, May 19, 2011 8:22 AM