updating MV value on mapping attribute for export RRS feed

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  • Hi all, running mim 2016 and have run into an issue

    configuration needs to be that we update proxyaddresses for some but not all users (works fine but is awful slow) wanted to prevent remove and then iterate over the mventry proxyaddresses attribute for 30000 users and instead run the code only on uses that had a change, did this by creating a new bool variable thats set to true by the portal when the workflow action is triggered. but I can't reset the bool variable in the extension code for mventry see my code below:

    #region proxyAddresses case "cd.user:proxyAddresses<-mv.person:distinguishedName,proxyAddresses,GSMQ30X1,ASWGSPRI,userPrincipalName": bool bProxySync = false; if (mventry["GSMQ30X1"].IsPresent){ bMQ310X1 = mventry["GSMQ30X1"].BooleanValue; } if (mventry["ASWGSPRI"].IsPresent){ bPRI = mventry["ASWGSPRI"].BooleanValue; } if (mventry["SyncProxyNeeded"].IsPresent){

    bProxySync = mventry["SyncProxyNeeded"].BooleanValue; } if (bProxySync){ //checking that the users are in correct OU bool bOUFinderPA = OUFinders(mventry, csentry, listOfMailOUs, "distinguishedName", 0); if (!bOUFinderPA){ break;

    } else{ //more checks if (mventry["proxyAddresses"].IsPresent){ if (mventry["userPrincipalName"].StringValue.EndsWith("@EXAMPLE.COM")){ if (bGSMC1001){ if (bPRI){ csentry["proxyAddresses"].Values.Clear(); Log($"proxyAddresses removed for user:{csentry.DN}", 0); foreach (var value in mventry["proxyAddresses"].Values){ csentry["proxyAddresses"].Values.Add(value); Log($"ProxyAddress {value} added to user:{csentry.DN}", 0); } mventry["SyncProxyNeeded"].BooleanValue = false; } } } } } } break;

    Tuesday, October 10, 2017 9:54 AM


  • You cannot write back to the Metaverse in an export flow as you've found so you're going to need to revisit your design. I don't really understand the use case well enough to suggest a potential alternative.


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    Tuesday, October 10, 2017 6:28 PM