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  • Hey there everyone.

    The problem I am facing is an odd one apparently, because every other topic on the forums or google is about how to unpin any shortcut on the taskbar. My problem is pinning the office shortcuts as a default for all users that log on to the computer, and the question is, is this possible without doing a backflip, a twist, barrel roll and jumping through a flame ring at the same time?

    What I have tried is putting a script in RunOnce in registry copying those shortcuts to the taskbarfolder, but they wont appear, and from what I can read on the forums, its because the icon lacks a link in registry, but the question arises, how on earth is this done without sorting through hundreds of thousands of different program SIDs?

    Anyone got a good answer on how this is done or how you can fix it without having to learn shellscripting?

    Greetings Alexander
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  • Hi Alexander,

    I know that you can create a shortcut using the new Group Policy Preferences functionality in Windows Server 2008 and newer.

    One of the options is to add the shortcut to the QuickLaunch, but that's not part of Windows 7.  It doesn't appear to save it on the new taskbar as I would have hoped it would. 

    At least you could put the shortcuts on the desktop.  It's a start.

    PS - This really isn't the forum for that kind of a question.  This is intended to be for IT Manager discussions.  I'm going to move this thread to a better location for this question.


    Kevin Remde US IT Evangelism - Microsoft Corporation
    Thursday, February 4, 2010 3:26 PM
  • Hey, and thanks for the answer.

    Sorry about misposting, I must have misunderstood the description of the forum.

    When it comes to the suggestion, I have put the shortcuts on the desktop, as you suggested already, to get some progress and not letting this stop me completly.

    As posted above, I've read several forums and it seems that I'm either the only one with this issue or all the others either stopped trying, don't care or simply just found other solutions.

    I see why it can't be pinned as a default because of all the issues with the program, but why make it so hard to do so manually? I know its alot of coding, but it really limits a great tweak to the OS.

    Greetings Alexander
    Thursday, February 4, 2010 4:34 PM