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  • Here is my problem wa i have put on some other fourms and thay cant help me :(
    [32] Help Very complex problem with reboot loop
    my pc was day just started to reboot and reboot and there was no way around it so i then just though i whould get a new hard drive, so i went and got 1 and notices i chould not boot disk so i then used my dads pc and placed the new hard drive in 80gb and installed xp and then installed vista whats is new and never been used. I place hard drive in the stana slot and reboot loop continues. i load it up and i have the choice or safemode or normal more or last settins that work on safe mode i press any of them and when the list of file go down poof Rebooted

    the normal mode just gets to windoes loadin bar and roobots.
    i have taken the battery out of my motherborde and replaced it back in that did no work, i have 2 80gb hard drives and only 1 is in the pc. i have a 3.6 prossesor and 1000gig ram stick + 500gig ram stick. its a 3 fan case and a mega big fan at back and pc worked for half a year and this is whats happend i have 1 cd drive and floppy and the 2nd hard drive i have is not a sata its ribbin with xp on whats also reboots.
    the vista i am usin is academic and if any more info is required ask me and any ideas i will try 4 you. thanks David

    p.s my dads pc workes the hard drive and it is a *** pc realy ADm 1.8 and 512 gig of ram xp sp2.

    Please help me the shop is miles away form where i live

    But if you installed Vista via another computer, that is your problem. You can't do that with Vista the same as you can't do that with XP. You'll need to install in your computer or at least do a repair of Vista.

    My pc wont reboot from disk for some reson!, i go to bios and try load fail safe settings, i also tryed to place cd rom boot priority but i did reboot from the pc when i first made it so it chould be the settings are wrong! and yeah ill try just xp on my pc and the if it workes will i be able to put vista on top? i only have the academic ver and it says u can only place it on 1 pc? Thanks David


    Is your cd drive a just a cd drive and not a DVD drive? Vista comes on DVD not cd like XP did and if this is the case, that is the reason it won't boot from it.

    nope its a dvd drive and vista or xp wont boot up, i pressed F8 and i disabled auto restart and i got an error code:
    *** STOP: 0x0000007b
    (0x86005ba0, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
    in the blue screen of death

    I have set disk to boot from disk but it ignors them and boots up windows, is there a f key i can try or somethin because when bios loads the cd is on and it flashed on the tower but nothin happens
    but when i change the boot priority to bootable add ins than the hard drive i have in at the moment it comes up error on boot disk press enter and continue i have tryed 3 official disks and [32] disk but get nothin
    thankx david

    and posted update-
    i just got a new cd drive and put it along side my dvd drive today from the shop but still nothin i press f11 and f8 at startup but nothing... there must be some way i can boot from disk
    and i got my hdd formated at shop today but still i cant boot from disk it loads and comes up with
    and i press enter and same error comes up with all me xp disks thats are in mind cond and work in my dads pc and also vista dont work as a boot up disk......... I'm bigginin to think ill have to take it to shop and pay 30 pounds so he can tell me wahts up with it and then buy w.e is needed but guna be somes time 4 my savin up n i wana try out vita

    o well comment if u come up with enythin Demonchopper


    well if u can redirect me to where this should be posted i will happly move it but please can someone help me fix this problem its drivin me mad n cozting lodes of money
    i can giv eyou any information you need
    thanx david innes
    msn/email : cold-play-mad@hotmail.com

    Friday, March 16, 2007 11:15 AM

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