KMS error - hr=0xC004F074 RRS feed

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    KMS Host: Windows 2008 R2

    KMS Client : Windows 7 , Windows 2008, Office , and Windows 2012

    I don't find any issues in the Windows 7 and Windows 2008  all thing work smootly

    but for Windows 2012 , I'm getting the error below

    Step in how I installed the KMS Host in Windows 2008 R2

    Our KMS server is running in Windows 2008 
    (1) applied the to support the Windows 8/2012
    (2) input the KMS host Key for 2012

     I'm getting error while activating the Windows 2012 KMS client

    Log Name:      Application
    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP
    Date:          11/25/2013 4:34:47 PM
    Event ID:      8198
    Task Category: None
    Level:         Error
    Keywords:      Classic
    User:          N/A
    License Activation (slui.exe) failed with the following error code:
    Command-line arguments:
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP" Guid="{E23B33B0-C8C9-472C-A5F9-F2BDFEA0F156}" EventSourceName="Software Protection Platform Service" />
        <EventID Qualifiers="49152">8198</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-11-25T12:34:47.000000000Z" />
        <Correlation />
        <Execution ProcessID="0" ThreadID="0" />
        <Security />


    Monday, November 25, 2013 7:09 AM