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  • I'm trying to set a couple of properties via the ByServerOS/ByDesktop/ByVM variable but if i test the DS and its CS.ini it initially reports my Vmware, Server 2016 OS as a Server OS (even though buildnumber is reported as unknown and set to other.)  When setting a subsection for "ByServerOS" with Subsection=Server-%IsServerOS%, it doesnt appear to read in the variables.  any suggestions?  Also curios where its comparing the IsLaptop/IsDesktop/IsServer/IsVM list as mine all show as false.  

    In short, i'm tryiing to use different properties if its a 2016 server or Windows 10 workstation, in a Vmware environment.

    Any input would be appreciated

    Simple example below. 

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  • @Slade1040

    In the [ByServerOS] Section you have SubSection=Server-%IsServerOS].  You will want to change this to SubSection=Server-%IsServerOS%

    Below that you have [IsServer-True] as a subsection.  That SubSection name should read [Server-True].  This statement is the same for the Desktop section as well.

    As to your question around the IsLaptop, IsDesktop, IsServer, IsVM question, look in ZTIGather.wsf for more information on how these are determined.  They use ChassisType and map that to True or False for the IsDesktop, IsLaptop, and IsServer.  IsVM is determined in that script, you'll just have to search for it.


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